Lowell Videos Show 'Roots, Realities, & Dreams'
Community Contest Prizes Announced
Sue Andrews, Gary Bergeron (First Place Winner), Paul Marion

In 2010, The Fighter showed that the City of Lowell could be a huge hit when it graces the silver screen. Over the course of the last few months, Lowell Heritage Partnership (LHP) has showcased that you don’t need a Hollywood budget to use the power of film and video to tell compelling Lowell Stories.

Last week, the LHP announced the winners of the first ever Roots, Realities and Dreams Community Video contest, which was co-sponsored by Lowell National Historical Park and made possible through a grant of the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation. Seven finalists were honored with total prizes of over $3000 at a small reception hosted by LTC Lowell after a process that ran throughout the summer and fall.

Gary Bergeron of Lowell won the contest’s $1500 prize with the music video “Born and Raised in Lowell.” The video featured an original song by Michael Noonan and was produced using the equipment at LTC Lowell.

The second prize winner of $750 was Sopheap Theam for Future Stars Summer in Lowell. Sopheap donated her winnings to the local nonprofit organization, Light of Cambodian Children. LCC director Sayon Soeun accepted the award on behalf of the organization which helps underserved young people in Lowell.

Another nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell, won the fan favorite award of $250 after an open online voting period during the month of November. All told, four of the prize awards went directly to area nonprofit organizations as Angkor Dance Troupe and the Greater Lowell Community Foundation’s Global Goals Fund (as a gift from Elysa Briggs) also received donations.

The Roots, Realities and Dreams Community Video Contest invited participants to share their Lowell stories in short videos of up to four minutes in length. The contest was open-ended and entrants were simply asked to answer the question “What does Lowell mean to me?” The Lowell Heritage Partnership was founded in 2000 as an organization to preserve and enhance Lowell’s natural and built environments and cultural heritage. For more information please visit:

The complete list of winners:
1st Prize: Gary Bergeron, $1500
2nd Prize: Sopheap Theam, (donated to Light of Cambodian Children) $750
3rd Prize: Beth Noferi, $500
Fan Favorite: Habitat for Humanity $250
Merit Award: Angkor Dance Troupe $100
Merit Award: Elysa Briggs (donated to GLCF Global Goals Fund) $100

Merit Award: Jonathan Stevens $100

View the seven finalist videos here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a professional quality camera/editing software to enter the Community Video Contest?

A: No! The goal of the "Roots, Realities and Dreams Community Video Contest" is to engage the Lowell community in a creative expression of Lowell stories.  Entries will be judged primarily on the content of the story and the creativity of the presentation and not on technical skills.  We welcome all entries from professional filmmakers to amateur hobbyists.

Q: How do I send a video via youtube to the LHP

A: There are a few steps to this process.  First you need to sign up for a youtube account to upload the video to.  Once you've completed that, upload your video to your account. While logged in, go to the inbox and click "compose."  Attach your video in a message to youtube user, "lowellheritage" with your name and contact information. 

You can also send the link to your video to  Please include your contact information and verify with the LHP that we've received your entry.

Q. Can organizations or groups enter the contest?

A: The contest is open to individuals, groups, and organizations.  If your group or organization has a compelling Lowell story you want to tell, then feel free to collaborate or provide an entry on behalf of that entity!  In fact, winning this contest could be a great way to raise funds and publicity for your local nonprofit organization!

Please check back for more information!