Dr. Patrick J. Mogan (1918-2012)

(Photo: Jim Higgins)

"What Francis Cabot Lowell was to the original Lowell, Pat Mogan was to modern Lowell" -Paul Marion

In 2012, Lowell lost one of the visionary leaders of the city's modern era.  Patrick J. Mogan, the father of the Lowell National Historical Park, passed away on December 14th, 2012 at the age of 94.  Throughout his many roles as Model Cities director, Superintendent of Schools and city planner, Pat Mogan dedicated himself to "making Lowell a good address again." Here is a collection of videos and articles about Dr. Mogan and his many contributions to the Heritage movement in the City of Lowell.

Patrick Mogan Speaks on the Lowell Experience
Human Services Corporation Video "Roots of an Urban Cultural Park" featuring Pat Mogan


"Farewell Dr. Patrick J. Mogan" - Paul Marion on richardhowe.com 12/14/12
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Patrick J. Mogan Obituary - Mahoney Funeral Home

In May 2013, Pat Mogan was posthumously honored at the Community Excellence Awards in Historic Preservation and Culture Heritage hosted by Lowell Heritage Partnership and Lowell National Historical Park.

The family of Dr. Patrick Mogan share a story about 'Uncle Pat'