Remembering Peter Stamas:
A Celebration of Community and Service

On November 15th, 2012, the Lowell Heritage Partnership joined the Moses Greeley Parker Lectures, Greater Lowell Community Foundation, and Hellenic Culture and Heritage Society in presenting: Remembering Peter Stamas: A Celebration of Community and Service, An evening remembering Lowell educator and community leader Peter Stamas. Throughout his life, Peter S. Stamas was known as a man with many hats. Through his many varied roles as an educator and community leader, the former LHS headmaster and co-founder of both the Human Services Corporation and the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, lived a life dedicated to helping others, especially in his hometown. On November 15th, ten years after his passing, Peter’s family, friends, colleagues and other interested Lowellians joined together to remember a man who truly set an example that celebrated both community and service in Lowell.

The evening’s program consisted of several segments including speakers, panels, and a brief film, related to Peter’s work in the Lowell Public Schools, the Model Cities program, the Human Services Corporation, the Greater Lowell Community Foundation and other community initiatives.

Peter's life and the Remembering Peter Stamas Event was featured in a lengthy blog post on the Room 50 Blog in November. 

The event also received a front page story in the November 16th, 2012 edition of the Lowell Sun.


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