Public Matters: Empowering Lowell's Leaders

Public Matters: Empowering Lowell's Leaders

Lowell Heritage Partnership proudly supports the Public Matters program.

Public Matters Class of 2015

 Public Matters: Empowering Lowell’s Leaders is a leadership and civic engagement initiative of The Lowell Plan conducted in partnership with Lowell National Historical Park. The mission of Public Matters is to foster and enhance the knowledge and skills of leaders in Lowell, Mass. We invite qualified individuals to become members in a rigorous and challenging program in civic engagement. Throughout this program, members will learn how to contribute more effectively to a diverse and mutually supportive community. Our goal is to ensure that the Lowell of tomorrow will be served by inspired stewards of our history, natural resources, social and cultural capital and economic and government institution.



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Public Matters combines an extensive orientation to the resources and networks in Lowell coupled with skill development and a practicum in organizational development.

Goals include:

  • Creating a network of new leaders fully engaged in the future of Lowell
  • Providing a forum for emerging and existing leaders to develop a vision for communitydevelopment that strengthens the whole community
  • Promoting an understanding of and appreciation for the history, cultural diversity, and economic and government resources of Lowell
  • Encouraging resource sharing and collaboration
  • Building the capacity of the public and private sectors through the development of leadership and experiential learning
  • Ensuring diversity among the leaders of Lowell.