Lowell Heritage Partnership Celebrates 15 Years!

In 2015, Lowell Heritage Partnership celebrated its first 15 years of caring for architecture, nature, and culture with a commemorative report, The Power of Preservation, featuring an exclusive narrative of the organization's history by award-winning writer and reporter, Jen Myers.

You can check out some of the excerpts from the report reposted on this site, including the Introduction, the Birth of the LHP, LHP's role in story of Neighborhood Historic Districts, and a look towards the future. You can also download the entire report in pdf format.

The Lowell National Historical Park and Lowell Heritage Partnership's 6th annual awards celebrating historic and...

Posted by Lowell Heritage Partnership on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Selected Excerpts

Here are few selected excerpts from the Lowell Heritage Partnership's 15 year report, The Power of Preservation. Be sure to download the .pdf version to get the entire 16 page retrospective.


Appleton Mills & The Birth of LHP

Neighborhood Historic Districts

Impact and Future