Imagine watching hundreds of personalized floating lanterns released into the Western Canal, as you enjoy Lowell's diverse music, traditions, and food. This is the Points of Light, a spring celebration of unity and renewal set to take place the evening of April 22, 2017.

In Japan, participants float paper lanterns in memorial during Tōrō nagashi. In Thailand and Laos, people celebrate Loi Krathong by floating a small boat with a candle. In Cambodia, it is the festival of Bonn Om Teuk. In India, a religious ceremony includes candles floated on the Ganges. Lichterswimmen has occurred in Zurich for over half a century, and floating candles is part of a Slavic holiday, Kupala Night. Freetown in Sierra Leone celebrates an annual lantern parade. In Puerto Rico, candles are important parts of many Saint's Days.

This was even a tradition in Lowell, kicking off the Southeast Asian Water Festival for many years. A DIY Lowell group is bringing it back, using lanterns to symbolize the common thread throughout all our cultures. Lantern Decoration Days will happen throughout late March and April, leading up to the celebration.

More on the history of Lowell's Ecumenical Plaza from LHS Vice President James Ostis on
Ecumenical Plaza: A Model Project for a City’s Revival 

Lowell Waterways Vitality Initiative

Lowell Heritage Partnership, the City of Lowell, a number of other community partners have embarked on an ambitious plan to inject new vitality to Lowell's venerable canal system. Please join us and participate in Lowell's Next Initiative.


Lowell Heritage Partnership celebrates 15 years with The Power of Preservation, a 16 page commemorative booklet that made its debut at the 2015 Community Excellence Awards.  With full color photos and an exclusive narrative by award-winning writer and reporter, Jennifer Myers, the story of the LHP's first 15 years of caring for architecture, nature, and culture is told. 

Limited copies are still available at various locations in LHP partner organizations, but you can download the entire report in pdf form right here at

More on LHP's 15 Year Celebration

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Caring for architecture, nature, and culture

Welcome to the website of the Lowell Heritage Partnership (LHP), an alliance of community activists who are committed to preserving, protecting, and celebrating Lowell’s heritage in the forms of architecture, nature, and culture. The LHP serves as an informal “friends of the Park” group for Lowell National Historical Park. Please visit this website to learn more about LHP programs and projects, as well as for news and information about heritage activities in the city, state, nation, and world.

Pat Mogan Tribute

Doors Open Lowell

Doors Open Lowell offers an insider’s look into the preservation of many of Lowell’s magnificent historic buildings. It’s a free annual event held during National Preservation Month to celebrate Lowell’s architectural heritage and urban living and culture. Together these have made Lowell a creative and exciting place to live and work.

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Public Matters: Empowering Lowell’s Leaders

Public Matters is a leadership and civic engagement initiative of The Lowell Plan conducted in partnership with Lowell National Historical Park. The mission of Public Matters is to foster and enhance the knowledge and skills of leaders in Lowell, Mass. We invite qualified individuals to become members in a rigorous and challenging program in civic engagement.




Mill Power Now Available


Paul Marion's book on the Lowell Heritage experience, Mill Power is now available in book stores throughout the city and region.